Michigan's Natural Resources

Michigan's Natural Resources

What are Natural Resources?

Natural resources are something found in the environment that people can use. Examples of natural resources include water, forests, crops, wildlife, and minerals. People can use water to cook their food, wash their clothing, as a way of transportation (take a boat ride across a river), and to drink. Sometimes people can use the lumber (wood) from the trees in forests to build houses or furniture. People can also use the lumber to make fires to cook food or heat their homes. Crops are found all over Michigan. People in Michigan grow all sorts of fruits and vegetables to eat and sell. Wildlife that is hunted in Michigan includes turkey, deer, bear, and fish. There are even copper and iron mines in Michigan. People have used the copper and iron to make tools and large buildings.

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A note to teachers:

This website is created to help address Michigan GLCEs and Common Core Standards for 3rd grade social studies. This is not an exhaustive resource. I use it during centers for the technology group. They are required to research Michigan's natural resources and post on the blog a paragraph or two of what they've learned. Feel free to use the blog on this site as your own assessment tool. If you have any feedback or tips to improve the site (or perhaps some links, videos, or text that would be helpful to add), feel free to contact me, Amy, at atoth3izzo@gmail.com.